Roots and Writings


Look no further than right here for your art and creativity fix. 

Oh yes, we are far more than your run-of-the-mill online gift store.

See, we even slip in slick rhymes during a simple blog post.

Here’s where you’ll find our latest creative explorations.

There’ll be an easy mix of new artistic seeds we’re planting and older roots we’re repurposing, bringing the tangible aspect of our company’s motto- Faith, Family, Friendship- to every product.

So, get ready to dig in.

First up is a tale of childhood wonder called: The Big Adventures Of Little Earnie.

Written and illustrated by our founder, Shana Burris, this spirited story is based upon the early explorations of her beloved mother, Earnestine.

Colorful and The Big Adventures Of Little Earnie is sure to be a favorite for the young in age and the young at heart.

As always, be blessed and...


-Stay Rooted

Charlestine & Company

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