The Mondays (Say "Hello" to the bad guy)

Here we go again.

For many, today is the most dreaded day of the week. It’s the pop quiz you weren’t prepared for. The medical bill that surprises you out of the blue. The ex who calls just when you’d finally moved on. Mondays are, to some, a weekly menace.

See, while Wednesdays are the barber/beautician you tell all of your business to, Fridays are that favorite Auntie, who slips you an extra twenty to go treat yourself to something nice. But Mondays…well Mondays are that rude, chain smoking collections officer, who’s chasing you like a bounty hunter.

No matter your profession, your age bracket or your current location, if you have a pulse, then you’ve likely welled up in a corner at the thought of restarting your work week. Let’s be honest. Most people dread watching Sunday evening slip away before their eyes. Listen, you are not alone in feeling this way. Trust me when I tell you that I WAS “most people”. I say was because I have finally made amends with my monotonous friend.

Hear me out. Mondays aren’t the villain they’re made out to be. They’re the vitamin that you hate as a kid but learn to depend on as an adult. The rainy-day savings that delays gratification but covers disasters. Without Monday’s we’d never appreciate how awesome weekends are. Even more, it’s another day to create change, to evolve, and to be better than the day before.

Mondays are your weekly recalibration device. Yeah, they can be a drag or a unique brand of chaos. But, they are necessary. If everywhere were paradise, then we’d never fully embrace nature’s full splendor. When we know discomfort, we welcome and cherish delight. Once you learn to see Monday as an ally instead of an adversary, then you can truly understand how much each day has to offer.

Friends, enjoy what you can from this day. Even if it’s just the 15 minute praise fest during your commute or a ten minute sports debate at the water cooler, stack those moments up. Soon you, too, will uncover that Mondays hold their own unique miracles. They are beautiful, bountiful and filled with blessings awaiting our arrival like any other day we are blessed to see.

So, here’s to you having an awesome day! Until next week, enjoy the mini miracles waiting on you this and every Monday.

Stay Rooted,

Shana R. Burris

Founder Charlestine & Company

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