Affirmations Mirror
Affirmations Mirror
Affirmations Mirror
Affirmations Mirror

Affirmations Mirror

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Negative thinking breeds negative living. Imagine surrounding yourself in productivity all due to a change in perspective.


Charlestine & Company’s wooden Affirmations Mirror is a stylish tool to help you become the best version of yourself, via positive speech.

Our Affirmations Mirror is a beautifully hand crafted pocket sized wooden mirror. Acrylic glass helps prevent cracks and increases longevity. Etched on the reflective surface are lines provided for you to write out positive, affirming thoughts concerning your life and your environment.

Reading your words out loud (as you look into the mirror), triggers the subconscious mind to believe and react to what’s been voiced.

This is more than a mirror; it is a window into possibility that fits inside the average purse or pocket.

Change your perspective one bold affirmation at a time.

*Each Affirmations mirror comes inside a lush velvet pouch with a miniature dry erase marker.*

Dimensions: 95mm x 68mm

Wood Grain: Walnut

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